Work Out At Home: The Neccessary Supplies

Writing about working out is ironic as I have missed my gym appointments for over a week now. Between work and life, working out becomes very secondary and at the bottom of my life list. For some reason, it seems impossible to find the time to find my work out clothes, gather my stuff (water bottle, iPod, iPod arm band, gym id, keys and driver’s license) and drive to the gym to work out.

Working out at home cuts out the hardest hurdle for me which is getting to the gym. Once I am there, I love working out and the feeling I have after. But gathering my stuff and actually getting out of the door and into the car just is not happening. But with working out at home, you often do not even have to get out of the door.

One of my favorite (and cheapest) ways to work out is by getting outside. The minute the spring weather came it was like a switch had turned and every person was outside enjoying the weather. I mean if you have to work out, you might as well enjoy the weather, right?

Simple working out at home is just as easy as strapping on shoes and hitting the road. But if you want to get serious about working out, you need the right gear. Sure, you can do without, but you will have a better work out that is more fun.

  • Water bottle. The hard thing with running or walking outside is making sure you are hydrated. In addition to perspiring from the physical activity, you are also losing a lot of water from the heat of the sun. And replenishing after your work out might not be enough to keep you from getting dehydrated. If you are lucky enough to work out in a friendly neighborhood, you could bum a drink from a neighbor’s hose. But to be safe take a water bottle. Waist packs (read: not fanny packs) are great for this. These slim, adjustable bands have a pouch for your water bottle and often a small zipper for other items like a house key and cell phone. Waist packs are much better than carrying your water bottle, which can actually inhibit your form when running.
  • Good shoes. For basic walking, your needs are not too particular with shoes. But if you have high arches (or no arches) you will want to purchase shoes or insoles that are specifically designed for your feet. If you like to run, visit a shoe store that specializes in runner’s shoes. A sales associate can watch your run and help you find the perfect shoes for you.
  • Bright clothing. Exercising outside means you are put into a lot of potentially risky situations. The most dangerous is cars. Wear bright, reflective clothing when you run, especially at night, to ensure that all drivers on the road will be able to see you.

Be safe and have a great and cheap work out!