Make Money From Your Home Hobby

Have you ever found yourself crafting one day and thinking I could totally get paid for this. There comes a time in many hobbyists minds when they think about getting paid for what they love to do for free. For mass hobbyists (those who create more things than they could ever use) this can be an ideal way to support their creative habit.

Many hobbies can make money, and it is a natural progression for those who enjoy being their own boss and like extra income. Plus, you are doing something that you love and getting paid for it. What could be better?

Marketable hobbies can be anything from crafting (sewing, jewelry making, scrapbooking) to other skills like photography and Photoshop, editing or writing.

If you have a hobby that you want to make cash from, try a few of these tips.

  • Get in the fairs/conferences. For crafters, this step is easier than others because craft fairs abound. A fair or market is a great way to get your product out there and into the hands of consumers. For many small businesses, this may be the only way to get your product “in the stores.” This also gives you an opportunity to meet with people and see other crafters and their products. For those with skills that are not tangible, conferences are a great way to hone your skills and learn how to market them. Think about a writer’s conference or a photography retreat.
  • Go online. Selling your wares online has never been easier, especially with sites like Getting online will open up your products to a whole new audience. If you really want to change things up, create your own online store that is designed toward your brand. Create a Facebook page and a blog to even further your online presence. This will allow your fans to get to know the person behind the product which often times can get you more clients. If you have a nontangible skill you are marketing, online is still for you. If it is photography, create a Flickr account or blog to showcase your latest work. Writers need a site to showcase their best writing work and links to other pieces.
  • Spread the word. Tell everyone you know. This might sound like being obnoxious, but most business is found by word of mouth. Letting your friends and family know that you are going into business for yourself is the best way to start. The trail of referrals will only spread from there.
  • Know hobby vs. business. If you want to make serious money, you need to stop thinking of it as a hobby and as a business. You will never break past the dabbling phase if you do not treat it like a job. That being said, there are times that making money can suck the fun out of a hobby. Decide what makes you happy and go for it. If the money makes you hate the hobby, start doing it for yourself.