Landscaping Tips for Your Home

I spent the evening weeding my yard, plotting what beautiful ideas I should implement this spring. The landscaping for your home sets the tone for the entire yard and house. The wonderful thing is that landscaping can be seen in many different shapes, forms and budgets. The styles are endless as you create your own oasis right in your backyard. Plus, good landscaping can add up to 15 percent to the overall value of your home.

While yards and styles are different for each home, home owner and location, there are a few tips that are universal for the sake of your landscaping. Read on for tips to make your yard the envy of the neighborhood.

Pick up your yard right.

  • If you see a weed, do not hesitate to pull it at any time. Honestly, weeds do nothing positive for your yard or garden and letting them grow can actual take over the other plants in your garden. Weeding can be a year long affair in warmer climates or just in the warm months for those locations that have a generous frost.
  • The next step to landscaping is mowing your lawn. Mowing your lawn is really the manicure of your yard. It keeps it looking kept and is actually good for the grass. That being said, do not get too excited with the lawn mower and give your yard a buzz cut. Grass should be cut about two to two and a half inches in length. Cutting it too short can actually dry out the grass. The longer blades will shade the roots making you have to water less.
  • Ditch the mower bag. Your grass is a haven for bugs and other living organisms. When you mow the lawn, ditch your mower bag (the little attachment that catches all of the grass clippings. Those clippings will become the ultimate food for any living creatures in your grass which will leave your lawn healthier AND greener.
  • Leave the fallen leaves. I hate raking and bagging leaves in the fall. The tedious task is bemoaned by many. If you only have a light layer of leaves just simply mow over them. The ground up leaves are actually good for your grass and will help keep pesky weeds at bay. That being said, a grundle of leaves will be very difficult for a lawn mower to go over.

Plant correctly.

  • Plant the right plants. Certain flowers or plants are meant to live in specific climates and sunlight. Planting the wrong plant will ruin the overall look of your garden when that one plant is dead.
  • Amp up your soil. Soil is not just any old dirt. Plants get all of their nutrients from the dirt and the sun. Dirt that does not have the correct nutrients will result in small or sad little plants. Test your soil with a local nursery or botany school to determine what types of nutrients you should add to your soil. And don’t be stingy with your fertilizer.