Filing a home insurance claim can be a complicated, intimidating process. Many people lack the basic understanding of how to avoid unnecessary mistakes when filing home insurance claims. The following five tips will help prevent the most frequent causes for having a claim denied.

Mistake 1: Choose an Appropriate Insurance Company

The first of the common mistakes when filing home insurance claims is to choose an unqualified service provider or contractor. In the case of a claim your provider is the intermediary between you and the carrier, the company responsible for claim payment. He is responsible for helping you understand the benefits, how to file claims correctly and whether additional requirements will be needed for your specific claim. Above all, you need an experienced provider that you can trust.

Mistake 2: Know Your Benefits

It is your responsibility as a home owner to make sure to be aware of what the insurance plan covers. Insurance benefit plans are written in detail, but often involve unfamiliar jargon. Take the time to read your plan thoroughly and get explanations for anything you do not understand. Keep in mind that if you wait until after a crisis to read it, it is likely that you will discover gaps in the coverage when filing home insurance claims. Additionally, being familiar with your benefits will help a timely response if you have a claim denied unfairly.

Mistake 3: Know What Your Benefits Don’t Cover

It may seem like an extension of the first mistake, but this is a pitfall that many people fall into. When filing home insurance claims for several items, if some will be legitimately covered and some not, it is likely that the entire claim will be denied. A claim filed only for benefits that are covered will be processed more smoothly. Don’t forget to make sure you know how to file the claim correctly. Knowing and following the correct procedure for filing claims will help get it approved the first time.

Mistake 4: Only File Each Claim Once

It may seem like common sense when filing home insurance claims to send an application more than once. Unfortunately, rather than making sure that it doesn’t get lost, having duplicate claims in the computer system will often cause your claims to be denied. If the insurance company misplaces paperwork and needs additional copies of something, make sure to include a note clearly explaining that this is a duplicate required by the insurance company for the same case. This will help prevent an unintentional denial.

Mistake 5: File Your Claim Immediately

The most important thing to do when filing home insurance claims is to avoid delay while the details are fresh in your mind. The carrier often will want to come assess the damages as quickly as possible. Remember that the insurance provider is there to help you file your claims, so don’t hesitate to ask for help. Taking detailed photographs and thorough documentation will help support your claim. Failing to contact your insurance provider within a few days of the incident is ideal can cause your claims to be denied even if everything else is done correctly.

While every home owner is required to have home insurance, few home owners use this resource correctly, resulting in claim denial. If you keep these five tips in mind when filing claims, you are more likely to them approved quickly and without unnecessary stress.

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