Weddings bring a whole slew of parties. Sure, the actual wedding ceremony and reception are the biggest and most important parties, there is a string of parties leading up to the big day.

Hosting all of the parties can be a pricey affair when you factor in location, decorations, refreshments and party favors. But you can par down the cost significantly if you host the party at home, but still have a great party. Here is the break down for each party.

Engagement Party

The engagement party is typically right after the couple is engaged. It is the ultimate way to announce and celebrate the engagement. Thankfully, this affair is typically an intimate gathering with just family and very close friends, so it is ideal to have at a home. Think simple dinner or cocktail party. This can also be a great way to introduce the bride and groom’s families to each other.


Bridal Shower

The bridal shower is a way of “showering” the new bride with gifts to set up her new home. It tends to be pretty laid back with refreshments, games and socializing.

A home is generally the best place to host a bridal shower. Because the event tends to be less formal, a home bridal shower will be more comfortable and will encourage socializing.

The rules for who hosts the party have changed over time, but it is generally someone in the family or a close friend. The guest list largely depends on the host and the bride- the size of the home and where the shower might be held will determine how many people to invite. Be careful, do not invite someone to the shower who you do not plan on inviting to the actual wedding. Having multiple showers is a great solution for not overloading one shower. Think one for family, one for friends and one for co-workers.


Bachelorette Party

This party is generally held closer to the actual wedding. The main goal is to let loose! People often think of club hopping and wild parties, but a bachelorette party can be a blast at home.

This party is generally thrown by the maid of honor or a really good friend of the bride. Consider the bride’s personality and tastes before planning the party. A party at home will give you the comfort and freedom to do whatever you want. Imagine hilarious karaoke, all the food you could want and some good, old fashioned girl bonding time. This is one of the last parties the bride will be a single lady, after all.

Beware: do not throw this party right before the wedding. No one wants a hung over wedding party.


Rehearsal Dinner

Those who are participating in the ceremony gather for a traditional rehearsal. After the rehearsal, a dinner commences. The groom’s family is generally the ones who put on the party and it is generally just a select few who attend.

If you get a company to cater the dinner, you can relax at home without having to cook.

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