One of my favorite places to visit is Utah. This U.S. state has it all: skiing, biking and a desert. I once saw a postcard that showcased all of the big Utah sights and it looked schizophrenic- in the best possible way, of course. Utah has so many things to offer because of its geography and history. Everyone can find something they enjoy in Utah.

Here is a list of my favorite places to visit and some tips while you are there.

  • Zion National Park. The red rock cliffs and stunning landscapes is why this area is iconic. It is world renown. While visiting I always see many foreign tourists taking in the views and hiking these one of a kind cliffs. Geographically, Zion National Park (not Zions with an s) is in southern Utah, about an hour outside of St. George. You must pay an entrance fee to the park, but usually it is valid for a few days so you can get more bang for your buck. Don’t let the price stop you- it is worth it and more. Zion is known for its hikes. Thankfully, even light weights can still enjoy. Even those with kids can enjoy a hike that is stroller accessible. But the adventurers will definitely find the adrenaline rush. Popular hikes like the sky-high Angels Landing (where the final mile is by hiking on the edge of a cliff with only chains to hold on to) or the Narrows (a slot canyon hike that is spent the majority of the time in water, sometimes up to chest high). Park at the bottom and ride the shuttle in between hikes. My advice is to visit anytime but the summer. Temps reach up to 110 degrees; since you are in the desert your chance of dehydration is high.
  • Ski resorts. If you are looking for some winter adventures, you will find the best snow on earth in Utah. That motto is even on the license plates so it must be true. You will find resorts that offer exciting runs for all skill types. And all are accessible by bigger cities so you can avoid high cost ski resort hotels. If you are a die-hard skier, try Alta which is a ski only resort. If you are looking for a location close to Park City, look no further than the Canyons Ski Resort.
  • Sundance Film Festival. Speaking of Park City, look no further for the Sundance Film Festival. The festival is at the end of January with film screening throughout the valley. The name may seem like a misnomer- there is a Sundance ski resort with so-so skiing, but most film showings are in Park City. If watching films before they come out and seeing big name celebrities around every corner, Sundance is for you. Just know- during the festival Park City is a zoo. Get your tickets in advance and use the shuttle to get around. And of course, take your camera.
    You will see a celebrity.

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