Moving has its pro’s and cons. You might be excited to move to a new house or in a new area. It may be bigger, nicer, or just in a better area. Or you might not love the idea of moving so much for whatever reason.  Also, lets get real, its not a super fun task to move all the stuff that has been accumulating into your house to a new place.

Whatever reason you may be moving, or if you are excited or not, the fact is that this new place feels foreign. Whenever i have moved into a new house it has sometimes taken me months to get adjusted and actually feel like the new place is my home. There are a few things that have helped me adjust faster.

1. Unpacking as soon as possible. This might sound wierd because of course you are going to unpack, but i have found that the sooner you get the things out of the boxes, the sooner it starts feeling like an actual home. If you have a tendency to keep things in boxes for a few weeks, you might want to start unpacking now if you want the new house to feel more more like home. Nothing feels more foreign than living in an empty house. The faster you decorate and furnish it, the more it will feel like home.

2. Get candles to make it smell like home. If there is a scent that makes you feel like home, or one that you used in your old house, find it and use it in your house. Get a candle with that scent and keep it going in your house while you are still adjusting. This will help you feel more comfortable and remind you of home.

3. Put up family pictures. One of the best ways to make your new house feel like home is by putting up pictures of your family. Whoever makes up your family unit should be shown through out the house. Even if it is not an elborate picture, even just having pictures on your refridgerator will make you feel like you are at home with your loved ones.

4. Invite people over. Having friends and family over is one of the best ways to make your new house feel more like your home. Because the house is filled with new happy memories and fun people, it will start feeling like a place you are comfortable being in. Filling it with laughter and people you love is the best way to make you feel at home and in turn making your home feel special.

5. Let it get a little messy sometimes. Obviously we want to keep our houses as clean as we can. But sometimes letting things get a little messy, or not cleaning up right away, helps us feel like our house is actually being lived in. When things are always perfect, sometimes it feels like a strange house. I’m not saying you need to leave your house in a pig sty, but if you occasionally leave the bed unmade, or leave a few clothes on floor for a few hours, it won’t be a huge deal and you will be suprised that it feels like your actual home.




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