Kids. They definitely know how to make a good mess. If you have a small child or toddler or ever have to babysit one you will know that in a short period of time they can terrorize your house. They will get into your drawers, break your cute and expensive decorations, get in to your makeup, play in the toilet, spill your drinks, or just mess up the house by getting into anything they can find.

If you haven’t ever had to experience the terror of a toddler, you are lucky. But chances are you will probably have to face the challenge at some point in your life. If you are planning to babysit for a friend or family members kids you will most likely want to prepare your house for when they come. Also, if you have an infant and are getting ready for when he/she is mobile, you will probably want to change a few things in your home to make it more friendly for your baby. To make the experience of having a child in your home easier, safer, and less of a hassle there are a few things that will make it easier for you.

  • Decide what space you want to stay in. If you are dealing with an especially hard child, you may want to stick to one room or area of the house and stay there for the majority of the time. That way you only have to baby proof one room and you will only have to clean up one space when the child leaves. You will want to block off any ways to get in or out so they cannot sneak out if you look away from them for a minute. You can do this by closing doors or blocking off entrances with furniture. You will definitly need to get toys and things in the room that they can play with.
  • Close the doors to all the bathrooms. If i have learned anything from my nieces and nephews it is that you need to have the bathroom doors closed at all times. There are just too many things that kids can into in bathrooms. They will get into the toilet, toilet paper, toothpaste, makeup, nail polish, soap, etc. If it is low enough in your bathroom they will get into it. So it would be safest to just close the doors while they are there.
  • Any decorations in reaching distance from the child that can be broken need to be moved higher or away. This is obvious, but you need to just make sure before kids come over, or if you are getting your house ready for your own child, to make sure that breakables are too high for them to reach. Move all your decorations up higher or just put them away while the child is there.
  • Tape up elecrtical plugs. This is sometimes a hassle but is still important. Make sure to just put a few strips of masking tap over the plugs that will be visible to children. If not they could shove keys or silverware in them, which would not be good.


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