Skiing or snowboarding is often the winter sport of choice. With many great ski resorts throughout the country and the world (have you seen the indoor ski resort in Dubai?), it is easy to see why. The rush of speeding through the trees and taking on daring tricks have enticed snowboarders and skiers alike.

While it may be March, but the ski resorts are still full of snow, even with a low snow fall in some parts of the country. In my neck of the woods, this is getting to be the perfect time to ski. It is warm down in the valley but the resorts are still packed with decent snow. When most people move on to bike rides and nature walks, I can enjoy the slopes with minimal crowds sometimes even to April.

Now is the best time to get great deals on winter gear. Stores generally tend to be a season ahead. In January, spring break gear pops in, in August warm sweaters adorn the shelves. And in February and March, winter gear hits rock bottom prices in the clearance racks. For those who still can play in the snow or those who buy ahead for next year, this is the perfect time to get new gear. Here are some of my favorite must have items in the bargain rack.


  • Ski pants. The price, quality and style can vary greatly with snow pants. In most cases, you get what you pay for. And if you want extra style and edge, you will have to pay a little more for that. But just because you aren’t willing to drop heavy cash does not mean you cannot find good snow pants for a killer deal. My sister wears overall snow pants from the 90s that are still in perfect condition. If you scour the racks around this time of year, you can score namebrand snow pants for around $20-$30. Avoid shopping at the ski resort gift shop. Those snow pants (and really, anything in the whole shop) is overpriced and discounts are slim.
  • Skis. Ski resorts and other ski rental shops like to have the newest set of equipment every year to rent. Which means that many rental shops are looking to ditch old models in favor of new ones. If you do not mind used skis, you can get boots, skis and poles for around $100, still in great condition. Rental shops will also sell demo skis, skis they have been sent to try out from the manufacturer, at the end of the season. If you are on top of it, you can get great gear without forking out the dough.
  • Outdoor technology equipment. The ‘in’ product right now is the Go-Pro camera or similar versions. The Go-Pro camera is a small camera that is mounted to your helmet, ski pole or other apparatus to get killer footage of your most excellent rides. While Go-Pros are popular in many different sports throughout the year, you can find discounts if you time it right.
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