Two of the biggest concerns with traveling is transportation and housing. These two components of any trip dictate the budget and overall enjoyment of your trip.

Housing is a huge concern. The cost can be astronomical depending on what kind of digs you want to sleep in. And the quality can vary greatly.

There are a few things you should consider when booking your housing. First, how close is it to what you want to see. It would be unwise to snag a hotel 45 minutes away from everything that you want to see. Second, you want to look at your budget. Knowing what you can afford will help you narrow down your options. Third, determine your family’s needs. Do you need a kitchen for cooking or just a place to crash your head?

Here are a couple of housing options when traveling to consider for your next trip.

  • Hotel. A standard hotel will generally give you the most standard results. You can get the basics with just a bed and a bathroom to more extravagant with room service and a kitchenette. Look at the star rating to determine what kind of hotel you are getting. Make note that price will increase with the hotel rating. You can find hotel rates by calling a hotel directly or visiting a booking site like
  • Hostel. A hostel is a budget housing option that is generally a little more relaxed than a hotel. Many things are communal like showers, kitchens, etc. You can score private rooms, but the best deep discounts are in the dorm-style rooms. The dorm rooms can have anywhere between 4-18 bunk beds. So yes, you are bunking with strangers. There are generally lockers to store your belongings, and some hostels enforce a curfew. Quality is vast. You can get a almost hotel-like experience or you can sleep in the most dingy place on earth.
  • Bed and breakfast. A bed and breakfast is exactly what is sounds: you are offered a place for your head and breakfast when you wake. Usually, a bed and breakfast is smaller with only a few rooms so you will get to rub shoulders with the owner.
  • Apartment. Many people have begun to rent out their apartments to tourists. This allows visitors to feel like they really live in the locale, plus it offers the amenities of being at home. Apartments can be a great way to save money when traveling with groups bigger than 2. Apartments can be found on sites like
  • Couch surf. is connected nomad travelers around the world. The concept is simple: you give your couch to a needy traveler. No frills and yet no cost. The danger worries aside, couch surfing is completely free.
  • Stay with family. Less mooching than couch surfing at a stranger’s, staying with family is a great way to cut costs, plus you get to visit those you love.
  • Quirky establishments. If you really want to make your trip unique, stay somewhere off the beaten path like at a monastery.
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