Buying a home is a big choice. What will you have- a bustling city or a small home with a picket fence? Your decision will forever shape your life. Big city living and small town dwelling could not be more different.

Before you take the plunge and purchase the house in the suburbs, consider these few pros and cons.

Pros of the Suburbs

The idyllic image of a blue shuttered home and the white picket fence is enough to make any young girl swoon. That picturesque landscape can be achieved with a home in the suburbs.

More space for your dollars. The further outside of a bigger city, the more land and home you will get for your money. Instead of renting an apartment, you can get the house and the yard without giving your first born child up for collateral. Not putting up so much for your home will give you more financial freedom.

Suburbs will give your kids the opportunity to play outside. If you are lucky enough to have a nice backyard, your children can spend hours outside. No backyard? Parks are plentiful in most suburbs. And if you live in even a smaller town, you might get a taste of the farm life.

Suburbs equals pets. Big pets, small pets, whichever pets that you want. With a nice backyard, you can have practically any pet that you desire. Apartments in the big city would not be an ideal home for a puppy like a home in the suburbs would.

Cons of the Suburbs

Everybody knows everybody. This might seem like a pro to know everyone in your town. Unfortunately, small towns quickly become gossip zones because everyone knows everyone’s business. And with not much to do, it seems like gossip is the only way to fill the time.

Speaking of not a lot of things to do, the suburbs are notorious for lazy summer boredom. And you know the old cliche: idle hands are the devil’s play things. Kids in small towns tend to get into trouble because they have nothing to do but get in trouble.

Small towns or suburbs have less shopping options. This sounds silly, but if your only shopping opportunity is a Wal-mart 20 minutes away, you are in trouble. You will be at the mercy of what is at that store, which means you will not have the luxury of variety or choice. Plus, other things like medical selection is limited. You often will only have a couple of doctors or hospitals to choose from.

The suburbs or small towns often have less opportunities to leave the town. Because of a lack of competitive education or sports, it makes it difficult for a young person to get the footing to be competitive outside of the town. This is why many young people often turn into the old people in a town because they never leave, even if they desperately desire to.


Use these pros and cons to aid you in your decision. Good luck!

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