Buying a home is one of life’s biggest steps. Deciding what home to buy is just as important as where you buy it. The city or town that you live in will greatly impact your daily life.

Living in a big city and living in a small town couldn’t be more different. Big cities offer bright lights and excitement but are often not ideal for families. If you are considering a move to a big city, consider these pros and cons before making your big decision.

Big City Pros

Big cities have a lot to offer. For example, New York City has great schools, state-of-the-art museums like the MET and countless cultural activities like Broadway, etc. You could live in a big city for years without ever really scratching the surface of all of the restaurants, shops and other activities. A big city will never equal boredom.

Big cities can have the best public transportation. Interlocking bus systems and high speed railways make navigating a big city a breeze. There is no need to own a car because you can easily hop onto the subway and zip to your desired destination. Plus, public transportation is often more cost effective and quicker than driving a car anyway.

Big cities will have big job opportunities. The biggest companies often have offices in big cities like Los Angels, New York City and Chicago. With so many companies, there is a great chance for opportunities.

Big cities offer a great social life. With a big city comes sporting events; a bevy of hot restaurants, bars and clubs; and big industry events. Nightlife abounds in a big city.

Big City Cons

Big city real estate costs a pretty penny. Actually, more than a penny. Try millions of dollars for a couple of bedrooms. Real estate in big cities (really anywhere) is all about location. If you want a great view in a good part of the city, you will have to pay handsomely for it. At least 10 times more for what you could get elsewhere.

Big cities can be a bit isolating. It is ironic to be lonely is a city with millions of people, but it is extremely possible. Even though the streets may be crowded, they are all strangers rushing off to their jobs. You see one person and never see them again. The city is big and full of strangers. Many New Yorkers don’t even know their neighbors.

Big cities are loud, full of congestion and pollution. While many big city dwellers do not own a car, the streets are lined with taxis that fuel a crowded and polluted atmosphere. Imagine police sirens, horns honking and the buzzing nightlife throughout the night.

Big cities are not made for kids. If you have little ones, it can be hard to enjoy the city without worrying if they will wander off or get stolen. Big cities are low on parks and other child friendly activities, making it difficult to make day-to-day life family friendly.

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