Many people take a great deal of effort to buy a house and then later on an insurance that match up to it. But that is not enough. A smart homeowner will not make the mistake of overlooking the possibility of insuring the contents in his home. It is believed that people spend a huge percentage of their annual income in trying to get the best carpets, curtains and furniture. But if there is no proper insurance that covers these house hold items, how can he ensure their safety? That is why it is so important that he chooses the right kind of home contents insurance.

Avoid filing a claim

Everybody knows disasters can happen any time. And when there is property loss or loss of personal belongings then the homeowner is not left with any option but file for claims. However, if he is lucky he can go for any number of years without filing for a claim. If no disaster befell and if nothing bad happened to the house, then that’s a good thing. And the homeowner will be able to get a cheap home contents insurance too. The best way to get a good policy is to make sure claims are not filed for each and every small issue. Certain things are best left to the homeowner if he can handle it. Getting a no claim bonus is indeed an added advantage when shopping for contents insurance. A record of claim in the insurance file always works against the homeowner’s favor. If the repair costs are not higher than the deductible, then it is better not to file a claim.

Getting a discount

If the insurance company the homeowner choses for his home contents insurance is the same company in which he has been a customer for a certain number of years then he is likely to get a discount. The homeowner is also likely to get a good discount if his home is built disaster-resistant. Much of the disasters that affect homes can be controlled to a great extent. The housing contractor will be knowledgeable enough to build a house that can withstand most pressures and disasters. The costs will be a bit high, but it is always better to build a strong house than to have it destroyed easily. And he can save on insurance too.

An inventory of belongings

To get the maximum benefit from any home contents insurance, the homeowner must be very knowledgeable about the things inside the house. He should also have a very good idea of what he plans to insure and what he wants to leave out. Taking a proper valuation will ensure that homeowner will not be left under insured or over. He should not end up paying more premiums when he could have had the same benefits for a lower rate. Taking an inventory of all the belongings will take a great deal of time, but definitely worth the effort. If, after taking insurance, he buys an expensive item, then he should immediately contact the insurance company and ask them whether that could be added to the existing policy.

Business use of home

There are people who work from home. Either they make dresses and sell them or work on the computer as freelancers, it all calls for extra equipments and related accessories. Some people even open small time day care centers to look after the kids in their apartment block while the parents work. In that case a mere home contents insurance will not be enough. The homeowner must talk it out with the insurance agent and go for a policy that will cover business uses of home. It is very important they be covered, lest he regret it later on.
Hiring an insurance agent will be a major help because he deals with similar issues day in and day out. But the most important part is to make sure that he is genuine and that he doesn’t take the homeowner for a ride. There are agents, however few in number they may be,who are only concerned about making a profit; they will sacrifice the interests of the homeowner for that purpose. Every insurance policy has its pros and cons; the idea is to find out which policy is more suited to the interests of the homeowner.

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