Decorating a home may come naturally to some people. They know their style, they know what they like, and everything comes together and looks great in their house. I didn’t exactly fit in that category. When i got married i had no idea what type of decorations i liked in my house. Some people love dark colors, and goddy furniture, or some like very simple houses with very little decorations. All i can say is that i was very overwhelmed the first time i had to decorate because i had no idea what i even wanted. It was exhausting trying just trying to figure out what i liked and then hoping it matched with the other things i liked. Lets just say it didn’t exactly flow.

Finding your style and figuring out what you like and how it flows together can be a long process, but the more you pay attention to it the easier it will become. You might be totally lost,  but there are a few key things to finding your own style that will make your house perfect for you, and a very unique experience for others to see.

First, you need to see what is out there. I had a hard time figuring out what i liked because i didn’t really know what was out there. I didn’t know all the different types of decorations there really are. To figure this out you need to be aware of your surroundings. Start paying attention when you go into houses of people around you. What is there style? What do you like about their house? What do you dislike? Figuring out these things will be a huge step in deciding what your style is.

Second, browse online and through home magazines and save the things you like. Get a subscription to a few magazines and rip out the pictures of things you like and put them in a binder. Also print off  the things you find online so they can all be in the same place. It will be so helpful when you are looking to decorate a new room or freshen things up to just look through things you have seen and liked to give you inspiration. It will also be very helpful if you want to try and match things. You can see if it resembles the style of what you are going for.

You might also want to get a pinterest account, which is very helpful when trying to find idea’s for decorations, and gives you a place online to store all those idea’s.

Third, actually use the decorations that you have seen and liked. It won’t help with anything if you just keep decorating how you have in the past and leaving that binder alone. Actually DO and TRY the things you like. If money is the problem look online for ways to make things yourself. There are plenty of DIY websites that you can find to help you make things yourself. When you actually start decorating the way you want and how you like, that is when you start learning the most what your style is and how things will flow and look in your home.

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