We are coming to the end of winter and spring will soon be arriving. After a long winter of darkness and cold, you will want a fresh bright look in your home. There is nothing better than the smell of fresh flowers and a spring candle scent to get you excited for warmth to come. After winter you need to put away your dark decorations and give your house a makeover. You will be surprised at how much more it will seem like spring when you do a few key things.

To help lighten up your home for spring, here are a few idea’s:

  • Get rid of the clutter! Nothing makes the house feel darker and drearier than having a bunch of clutter in your house. By getting rid of excess things you have collected over the winter, it will help brighten up your home and make it feel more like spring. This will leave a more open feeling around your house that will quickly make your home feel bigger and brighter.
  • Change decorations. Its fun to have dark shades of pillows, blankets, and other decorations around the house during the winter, but when it comes to spring you need to switch those out. Get more spring colored things like new bright blue or pastel pink pillows for your bed or couches. Instead of dark china, bring out your white or bright colored disher. Even down to things very simple like vases or placemats, having lighter and bright colors will leave a lighter feeling around your house.
  • Let as much natural light in as possible. There is something about natural light that brightens up a home. If you had dark curtains before, switch them out for white or a light colored curtain. Or you may even think about taking down the curtains or blinds all together. Try and use utilize your windows by getting as much light in as possible. You will see that this makes a big difference in how light your home feels. It will give it a very spring warm feel.
  • Get a few lamps for around the house. If you don’t have any already, get a few more lamps to brighten up area’s in your house that are a little darker. This will make your house seem a lot brighter at nighttime. Also, switch our your old lightbulbs if you haven’t in a long time. As they fade they will make your home seem darker. Switching the bulbs out will make a big difference in the light in your house.
  • Try new fresh smelling scents. It sounds a little odd, but the scent in your house will make a difference in how bright and light it feels. At Christmas time, people usually have a cinnamony smell in there house which makes it feel very cozy and warm. It also makes it feel a little darker. Getting new spring smelling candles or having fresh flowers or plants around the house will give your home a fresh smell that will help it seem brighter and more like spring.


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