Vinegar has been used around the home for ages. But recently, the acidic liquid has had a resurgence in popularity for mommas who want a more natural and cheaper cleaning alternative. And these mommas have a pretty good argument.

Instead of buying one cleaner to do windows and another cleaner to clean toilets and another cleaner for your dishwasher, pick up a bottle of vinegar for a fraction of the cost. Replace your piles of home cleaning bottles with one bottle that can do that and so much more.

Here are some simple tips for what you can use vinegar for. Note: Only white distilled vinegar is for cleaning. Apple cider is an acceptable substitute, but do not use red wine vinegar unless you want everything it touches to be stained red.

  • Make things shine again. Chrome fixtures, glassware and silverware can be made new again with a little visit from white distilled vinegar. Use it on chrome fixtures like you would any other cleaner. Soak glassware that develops a cloudy film and soak silverware that looks dingy to restore that ‘just purchased’ shine. Get your linoleum back to fighting condition with vinegar as a floor cleaner.
  • Use vinegar to keep fabric from bleeding. It is trendy for some fabrics, like jeans, to be dyed a color. The problem is that the jeans bleed on hands, chairs, skin and basically anything else the fabric rubs against. Toss the offending clothing item in the wash with a half cup of vinegar (apple or white works fine) and a little detergent to prevent the color from bleeding.
  • Banish offending odors. The acidity in vinegar is perfect for battling pungent odors. Run some vinegar in your dishwasher for a fresh scent, grind in your garbage disposal to banish after-dinner smells or use to clean out a refrigerator or lunch box with a lingering scent.
  • Make a cleanser. Combine vinegar with baking soda for the ultimate cleanser. It will have the cleaning and deodorizing power of vinegar with the exfoliating power of the baking soda. Use this to banish lime and calcium deposits and other build up that requires a little more oomph. Replace your tile and grout cleaner for this more natural, yet effective, cleanser.
  • Use safely on wood. Vinegar might smell strong, but it is still safe enough to use on wood. Unsightly wood rings will be banished with a combo of vinegar and veggie oil. Wood paneling can also get a new fresh shine with a vinegar rub-down.
  • Remove wall decor. Vinegar is the perfect solution to get rid of that dated wallpaper. The vinegar will actual dissolve the wallpaper glue, making the removal much easier. If you are repainting and accidentally get paint on your window, don’t fret. Vinegar is strong enough to rip paint off.
  • Disinfect. Vinegar is a regular germ killer. Use to disinfect bathrooms, baby toys and other items with ease.

Whether you are used to using vinegar to make a vinaigrette, consider using vinegar to make your home shine.

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