January and February is cabin fever time. It marks one of the busiest times for sickness. Winter is usually unrelenting and sniffles run rampant. The exhaustion from the holidays and a weakened immune system can have you using up all of your sick days in no time.

Usually the first day of staying home for being sick rocks. You get to watch all of the TV you want, lay in bed, read whatever you want and eat all of your comfort foods. The second day rolls around and suddenly nothing is on TV, you are out of all of your favorite treats and family members are getting sick of you begging for them to bring you things.

Sickness does not always accompany cabin fever. Heavy snowfall and bad driving conditions are a dangerous combination that often results in cabin fever.

Imagine this: you finally have the weekend off. But a torrential snowstorm makes it virtually impossible to try and leave the house. Sure board games are fun for a bit but suddenly the walls start getting smaller, the ceiling begins to cave in and all you want to do is get out!

This is classic cabin fever: when you are stuck inside and you are starting to lose it. Cabin fever is heightened when children are involved.

Cabin fever is curable with these few tips:

  • Build a fort. For some reason, building a fort cures cabin fever for adults and children alike. There is something about turning your living room into a secret hideout. Use blankets, extra sheets and pillows to create the ultimate fort. Take your fort to the next level and watch a movie inside the fort.
  • Bake something new. The smell of a baked good can instantly turn a grouchy crew into a cast of happy characters. Trying something new creates excitement and even the littlest chefs can help pour things into a bowl. Make the baked treat even better and eat it in the fort. {see above}
  • Themed movie marathon. Television shows get old and, let’s be honest, there is nothing good on TV during the day. Pick a theme (Adam Sandler movies, movies about baseball, movies that have ‘princess’ in the title, movies with a number in the title) and start a marathon. Bonus points goes to those who can quote the movies the most.
  • Get crafty. Making something with your hands is an instant way to get cabin fever out. Find household items and turn them into something new. For example, roll up paper and use hot glue guns to make designs on the outside. Paint your favorite color and BAM! you have a Harry Potter wand. Have a contest for most creative craft.
  • Watch funny videos on YouTube. The social video sharing site was created for cabin fever moments. Find the most popular clips and laugh until your sides hurt.

So the next time you are stuck at home, do not let cabin fever take over. Be creative and you might actually have fun.

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