If you are a busy, working person, you probably spend just as much time out of the home as you do actually home. This means your home is sitting there empty for about 10-ish or so hours a day.

If you are a busy, working person who is a worry-wart, this could be a problem. Most home theft or break ins are when the house is empty. Whether you will spend the whole day worrying or you are care free, here are some tips for protecting your home while you are away.

Lock up. Some criminals commit “crimes of opportunity” meaning they might not break into a house, but if the door is unlocked and they see a laptop sitting in the front window, it provides an easy opportunity to get some good loot. If you are leaving your home for any reason, make sure to lock up any entrance to the house. This means the front door, back/patio door, an outside door to your garage and any windows. And please, close your garage door. Don’t count on your neighbors to always keep an eye out for you. Always make it harder for a criminal to get into your home.

Sound the alarm. Technology has made it even easier to keep tabs on your home. Alarm systems are around every corner offering to keep your home safe. Do research on which home safety company will best suit your needs. You can get a simple alarm system that will call the police or you if there is an intruder. Or you can double up your security, you can install security cameras in and outside your home. Working parents love the cameras so they can make sure their kids make it home from school safely. Often these security companies will offer features that will allow you to lock your home from your phone or another electronic device, which is nice for those who are forgetful.

Stay unplugged. A left on stove or curling iron can create disaster if left on for hours on end. To ensure you do not spark a fire, unplug anything that gets hot or does not need to be plugged in.

Keep lights on. If you are away from home when it is dark outside, keep your porch light on to make it appear as if someone is home. Thieves tend to avoid areas with bright lights as they fear they might be seen. Consider leaving an inside light on a timer if you are going to be gone overnight. This creates the illusion that someone is home.

Don’t make it obvious you are not home. Piling up newspapers and overstuffed mail boxes are signs that you are not home, which is what thieves target. Do not let your laziness (or forgetfulness) make a thief think you are out of town. If you are going out of town, ask a neighbor to pick up your mail and newspapers. Or better yet, call the post office and newspaper company and have them hold it until you return.

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