Protecting your wallet with Renters Insurance…

YOU NEVER THINK that you are going to be that person that was robbed or had his apartment burnt down and belongings destroyed, but amazingly it happens. It happened to me and maybe its happened to you. So what do you do about it? How can Renters Insurance help? What is Renters Insurance? With the research that on it I realized there are personal items that well…for example, my camera that was stolen out of my apartment, that could have been safeguarded and backed by insurance but wasn’t because I didn’t know enough about it. I have exhaustedly researched Renters Insurance and I’ve put together a few simple things you need to know about it.

So I am just a college student, I don’t have a degree on Insurance or anything. But when I have researchered Renters Insurance enough to know what the scoop is. I want to let you in and give you an overview of the basics of Renters Insurance? So lets do it!

1. What is Renters Insurance?

Its quite simple to understand. If you are renting a home and your personal items like, electronics, furnishing or other things get stolen, damaged, or utterly destroyed by a fire or other by means, your protected. The cost of those items is covered by your Insurance.

2. What does Renters Insurance cover?

There are a few things that Renters Insurance covers, from my research I found two basic types of coverage:

  1. Contents – Everything that you own. Your personal belongings. For example: Electronics, Furnicher, Appliances. Ect…
  2. Liability – Injuries or Damage of properties caused by your negligence. For example: A friend gets hurt and sues you for medical bills because you didn’t take out the trash.

Depending on the Renters Insurance plan that you purchase you will have different things covered. There are many categorizes of coverage. It spans from Firearms to Jewelry, earthquake damage to sewer pipe damage, and the list keeps going.

I want you to imagine your self reaching in your own pocket and spending the money to replace those valued personal items that were lost or destroyed. Yeah, not fun is it? I ended up yanking 100$s of dollars out of my skinny wallet just to buy a replacement camera. I honestly never thought someone had the guts to walk into my appartment and grab it.

For a simple way to protect your wallet from lost or damaged personal items get the insurance, it might be worth the few bucks you spend a month for it. It should not be hard to get a inexpencive basic coverage on your shebang.

When looking for Renters Insurance its just like going out and buying anything else, take a look around. See what different plans they have, estimate how much your bling is worth, and how much you are willing to pay monthly. After you find a plan that fits you, well…your good to go. So get to it! 🙂

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