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Posts tagged ‘Organize’

Moving To A New Home; A Few Tips To Make It A Better Experience

You know how everyone usually has one chore that they just absolutely HATE to do? Like taking out the garbage, doing the dishes, mopping, laundry etc. Well, the thing i absolutely dread doing everytime it comes around is not your typical chore. I don’t mind sweeping, cleaning the bathtub or vacumning the floor. The thing i dread most is MOVING.

It seems like everytime i’ve moved to a new house i have collected a mountain of new things and have no idea how it all accumulated. When all put away and organized in my house it doesn’t seem like too much. But the second i start putting my things in boxes i find myself wondering how in the world i have collected so much stuff!

Unless you are lucky and have settled into a home that you know will be yours for the rest of your life, most likely you are going to have to move a few times (or in some cases, a lot of times) in your lifetime. If you are organized and on top of moving, it goes much smoother and is a lot less of a burden.

Here are a few tips to helping your move be a better experience:

  • Plan Ahead- Don’t think for a second that you are going to be able to pull off, start to finish, a move in one day. Although you may be able to get everything out of your house in one day, you will probably want to pack boxes starting at least a week before hand. Even if you have a small house, you really have no idea how much stuff you really have. If you want to be smart about your move, plan a head of time and make sure you are prepared.
  • Label Every Box- The most terrifying thing about moving is have a stack of boxes in your new home and having NO idea where they go. Having to go through every box to see what is in it to see which room it will be put in. To make the transition easier, make sure you label every box clearly. Write down with permanent marker which room it will go in (i.e. Kitchen, Dining Room) and then what is in it (i.e. Dishes, Towels).
  • Get Help- Its okay to get help from others to help you move. Dont be embarrassed to ask! There are plenty of people out there willing to help.  If you have a few more hands to get furniture and boxes into a moving van, the move will go a ton quicker. Its okay to ask family, friends, or wo-workers for help moving. If they are good friends they wont have a problem helping you out. Although you may want to get a brib like pizza or doughnuts for those helping out. :)
  • Keep Your House Clean- This is an obvious one that sometimes i forget. If you are trying to pack with an unorganized or unclean house, you will come out with an unorganized and unclean move. It takes much longer to pack a house that is unorganized or messy. So to help make the move quicker and less of a hassle, take a couple hours (or a whole day if you need) to organize and deep clean your house. It will make a big difference once you start putting things in boxes!


Spring Cleaning–How to Dejunk Your Home

The winter season is coming to an end and the spring  season is right around the corner. The last thing you probably  want to do is go through all the junk that has been collecting in your garage, under your kids beds, in the storage room, and in all the closets all winter long.  But you know you gotta do it. Spring Cleaning…its a beast. So here are a few tips to making spring cleaning a little easier and to help you to decide where to even start with the mess.

  • Start in one area of the house and stay there untill its finished. It’s very easy for us to start a project and then get so overwhelmed with realizing everything we have to do. So in order to not just simply give up, we need to take it one step at a time.  When you have a couple hours to work on your house, start on one room or space and work on it untill its done. Whether that be the storage room downstairs, or your garage, make sure you stick with it until its  totally decluttered and clean. Its definitely better to be finished with one area  than be half-finished with five. You will feel much more accomplished if you do it like this.
  • Be organized with your cleaning. Label different boxes or bins and organize accordingly. Make sure to have a throw away box, a Goodwill box, and a keeping box. This will help you keep things organized as you are getting rid of your stuff. Make sure to take these boxes or piles our regularly. Don’t wait until the piles have gotten out of hand. Always be running things to the dump and to Goodwill to take your things out. Getting the stuff out of the house will keep you motivated to keep cleaning the rest of the house.
  • Get rid of things you really don’t need. I would way rather be a person who gets rid of everything than someone who saves everything. Don’t become so attached to your things that they take a toll on your life. If you don’t have room for it or you don’t use it anymore, GET RID OF IT. Find it a happy home! If its old baby clothes, old games, books, or clothes you don’t wear anymore, find a cousin or neighbor that will use it. One mans junk could be another mans treasure. If its just taking up space in your house and your waiting for that one random time that you might possibly use it, someone else might actually use it alot. Just rip of the bandaid and let it go.
  • Organize your storage. Its so important to have an organized storage space. If you can’t find anything when you are looking through your storage, chances are you are going to go out and buy things you already have but just can’t find. Put things in clear bins or clearly label boxes that will make things easy to find. Also, don’t cram as much stuff as possible in a box or bin. If you have less in each bin than it will be easier to find when you are looking for it.