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Posts tagged ‘House’

Moving To A New Home; A Few Tips To Make It A Better Experience

You know how everyone usually has one chore that they just absolutely HATE to do? Like taking out the garbage, doing the dishes, mopping, laundry etc. Well, the thing i absolutely dread doing everytime it comes around is not your typical chore. I don’t mind sweeping, cleaning the bathtub or vacumning the floor. The thing i dread most is MOVING.

It seems like everytime i’ve moved to a new house i have collected a mountain of new things and have no idea how it all accumulated. When all put away and organized in my house it doesn’t seem like too much. But the second i start putting my things in boxes i find myself wondering how in the world i have collected so much stuff!

Unless you are lucky and have settled into a home that you know will be yours for the rest of your life, most likely you are going to have to move a few times (or in some cases, a lot of times) in your lifetime. If you are organized and on top of moving, it goes much smoother and is a lot less of a burden.

Here are a few tips to helping your move be a better experience:

  • Plan Ahead- Don’t think for a second that you are going to be able to pull off, start to finish, a move in one day. Although you may be able to get everything out of your house in one day, you will probably want to pack boxes starting at least a week before hand. Even if you have a small house, you really have no idea how much stuff you really have. If you want to be smart about your move, plan a head of time and make sure you are prepared.
  • Label Every Box- The most terrifying thing about moving is have a stack of boxes in your new home and having NO idea where they go. Having to go through every box to see what is in it to see which room it will be put in. To make the transition easier, make sure you label every box clearly. Write down with permanent marker which room it will go in (i.e. Kitchen, Dining Room) and then what is in it (i.e. Dishes, Towels).
  • Get Help- Its okay to get help from others to help you move. Dont be embarrassed to ask! There are plenty of people out there willing to help.  If you have a few more hands to get furniture and boxes into a moving van, the move will go a ton quicker. Its okay to ask family, friends, or wo-workers for help moving. If they are good friends they wont have a problem helping you out. Although you may want to get a brib like pizza or doughnuts for those helping out. :)
  • Keep Your House Clean- This is an obvious one that sometimes i forget. If you are trying to pack with an unorganized or unclean house, you will come out with an unorganized and unclean move. It takes much longer to pack a house that is unorganized or messy. So to help make the move quicker and less of a hassle, take a couple hours (or a whole day if you need) to organize and deep clean your house. It will make a big difference once you start putting things in boxes!


Making Your House Feel Like Home

Moving has its pro’s and cons. You might be excited to move to a new house or in a new area. It may be bigger, nicer, or just in a better area. Or you might not love the idea of moving so much for whatever reason.  Also, lets get real, its not a super fun task to move all the stuff that has been accumulating into your house to a new place.

Whatever reason you may be moving, or if you are excited or not, the fact is that this new place feels foreign. Whenever i have moved into a new house it has sometimes taken me months to get adjusted and actually feel like the new place is my home. There are a few things that have helped me adjust faster.

1. Unpacking as soon as possible. This might sound wierd because of course you are going to unpack, but i have found that the sooner you get the things out of the boxes, the sooner it starts feeling like an actual home. If you have a tendency to keep things in boxes for a few weeks, you might want to start unpacking now if you want the new house to feel more more like home. Nothing feels more foreign than living in an empty house. The faster you decorate and furnish it, the more it will feel like home.

2. Get candles to make it smell like home. If there is a scent that makes you feel like home, or one that you used in your old house, find it and use it in your house. Get a candle with that scent and keep it going in your house while you are still adjusting. This will help you feel more comfortable and remind you of home.

3. Put up family pictures. One of the best ways to make your new house feel like home is by putting up pictures of your family. Whoever makes up your family unit should be shown through out the house. Even if it is not an elborate picture, even just having pictures on your refridgerator will make you feel like you are at home with your loved ones.

4. Invite people over. Having friends and family over is one of the best ways to make your new house feel more like your home. Because the house is filled with new happy memories and fun people, it will start feeling like a place you are comfortable being in. Filling it with laughter and people you love is the best way to make you feel at home and in turn making your home feel special.

5. Let it get a little messy sometimes. Obviously we want to keep our houses as clean as we can. But sometimes letting things get a little messy, or not cleaning up right away, helps us feel like our house is actually being lived in. When things are always perfect, sometimes it feels like a strange house. I’m not saying you need to leave your house in a pig sty, but if you occasionally leave the bed unmade, or leave a few clothes on floor for a few hours, it won’t be a huge deal and you will be suprised that it feels like your actual home.




Owning a Second Home

Buying a second home is very exciting. Wherever it is, it is always a fun place to be because it is away from your home and is most likely a vacation spot. Many people get second houses on the beach in California, Hawaii, or maybe even Cabo. Wherever it is its probably a fun place to visit, even if that is just because its away from home.

When buying the second home, you probably imagined it being an amazing experience because you can invite your friends, and take your family there whenver you want. Well let me warn you, if you are looking into buying a second home, or just recently bought one, you may not realize a big problem in your future. Friends, family, and sometimes random strangers, who want to use your house.

It doesn’t seem like a big deal, and could potentially not even be on your radar, but it can get out of hand and become a big problem. I have had friends with beautiful homes inarea’s people want to vacation that have had several family members, some who are very distant or not close with them, just straight up ask if they can use their house. Although you may not have an issue with this, you could have a problem knowning where to draw the line. If you let one cousin use the house, then what is to stop you from letting other cousins use it? Beleive me, they will start asking.

If you are constantly saying yes to everyone around you who wants to use your house you will soon have a couple problems.

First, there is no stopping who will ask you to use your home. Its the snowball effect. Once you let one friend use it, other friends will start asking. It will be hard to draw the line because you have already let others use it. You don’t want to be known as the jerk who didn’t let one friend use their house but let another use it.

Your second problem is the wear on your home. If you are constantly letting people use it, it will soon get thrashed. We would like to hope that people will be cautious and take care of our things, but sometimes people just aren’t curtious and don’t leave things the way they should.

The third potential problem is that you might not get to use it as much as you would like. If you are letting other people use it, you have to make sure to schedule out times when you can go. You might not be able to go on a spontaneous trip with your significant other, or your family, because someone else is using the place YOU bought.

My advice to you is before things get out of hand, make sure you have a set of rules and that you stick to them. If you rule is that you let family use it and not friends, then always stick to it. Don’t feel bad saying no. Whatever your rules are, figure them out, and stick to them. That way no one can really feel bad if they are rejected.

Also, make sure at your second home that there is a cleaning list and be very serious about people doing it. Don’t be lax when you are there, and make sure others aren’t lax when they are there. The last thing you want to come to when you are going on vacation is to get to your home and find that it is a mess.

Decorating Your Home–Finding Your Own Style

Decorating a home may come naturally to some people. They know their style, they know what they like, and everything comes together and looks great in their house. I didn’t exactly fit in that category. When i got married i had no idea what type of decorations i liked in my house. Some people love dark colors, and goddy furniture, or some like very simple houses with very little decorations. All i can say is that i was very overwhelmed the first time i had to decorate because i had no idea what i even wanted. It was exhausting trying just trying to figure out what i liked and then hoping it matched with the other things i liked. Lets just say it didn’t exactly flow.

Finding your style and figuring out what you like and how it flows together can be a long process, but the more you pay attention to it the easier it will become. You might be totally lost,  but there are a few key things to finding your own style that will make your house perfect for you, and a very unique experience for others to see.

First, you need to see what is out there. I had a hard time figuring out what i liked because i didn’t really know what was out there. I didn’t know all the different types of decorations there really are. To figure this out you need to be aware of your surroundings. Start paying attention when you go into houses of people around you. What is there style? What do you like about their house? What do you dislike? Figuring out these things will be a huge step in deciding what your style is.

Second, browse online and through home magazines and save the things you like. Get a subscription to a few magazines and rip out the pictures of things you like and put them in a binder. Also print off  the things you find online so they can all be in the same place. It will be so helpful when you are looking to decorate a new room or freshen things up to just look through things you have seen and liked to give you inspiration. It will also be very helpful if you want to try and match things. You can see if it resembles the style of what you are going for.

You might also want to get a pinterest account, which is very helpful when trying to find idea’s for decorations, and gives you a place online to store all those idea’s.

Third, actually use the decorations that you have seen and liked. It won’t help with anything if you just keep decorating how you have in the past and leaving that binder alone. Actually DO and TRY the things you like. If money is the problem look online for ways to make things yourself. There are plenty of DIY websites that you can find to help you make things yourself. When you actually start decorating the way you want and how you like, that is when you start learning the most what your style is and how things will flow and look in your home.

How to Brighten Your Home

We are coming to the end of winter and spring will soon be arriving. After a long winter of darkness and cold, you will want a fresh bright look in your home. There is nothing better than the smell of fresh flowers and a spring candle scent to get you excited for warmth to come. After winter you need to put away your dark decorations and give your house a makeover. You will be surprised at how much more it will seem like spring when you do a few key things.

To help lighten up your home for spring, here are a few idea’s:

  • Get rid of the clutter! Nothing makes the house feel darker and drearier than having a bunch of clutter in your house. By getting rid of excess things you have collected over the winter, it will help brighten up your home and make it feel more like spring. This will leave a more open feeling around your house that will quickly make your home feel bigger and brighter.
  • Change decorations. Its fun to have dark shades of pillows, blankets, and other decorations around the house during the winter, but when it comes to spring you need to switch those out. Get more spring colored things like new bright blue or pastel pink pillows for your bed or couches. Instead of dark china, bring out your white or bright colored disher. Even down to things very simple like vases or placemats, having lighter and bright colors will leave a lighter feeling around your house.
  • Let as much natural light in as possible. There is something about natural light that brightens up a home. If you had dark curtains before, switch them out for white or a light colored curtain. Or you may even think about taking down the curtains or blinds all together. Try and use utilize your windows by getting as much light in as possible. You will see that this makes a big difference in how light your home feels. It will give it a very spring warm feel.
  • Get a few lamps for around the house. If you don’t have any already, get a few more lamps to brighten up area’s in your house that are a little darker. This will make your house seem a lot brighter at nighttime. Also, switch our your old lightbulbs if you haven’t in a long time. As they fade they will make your home seem darker. Switching the bulbs out will make a big difference in the light in your house.
  • Try new fresh smelling scents. It sounds a little odd, but the scent in your house will make a difference in how bright and light it feels. At Christmas time, people usually have a cinnamony smell in there house which makes it feel very cozy and warm. It also makes it feel a little darker. Getting new spring smelling candles or having fresh flowers or plants around the house will give your home a fresh smell that will help it seem brighter and more like spring.