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Home Upgrade – Painting The Outside of Your House

One of the easiest and yet hardest home repairs can be painting the exterior sides of your house. Of course, not all houses can be painted on the outside. But what a dramatic change can be seen, almost like coming home to a new house.

But there are several things that need to be done prior to performing an external painting job.

You may be itching to get this done because of the warm weather, but remember, things change quickly and this can damage and ruin your entire effort.

Let’s look at some things to remember:

Paint and the Weather

Paint is the most important aspect of the job of painting outside.  The issue with paint is long and important to remember. Weather can affect paint in a drastic form. Say you put on a paint in cold or cooler weather, it may not dry properly and this could result in a poor outcome. Adhesion may be what suffers and peeling or even cracking can occur.

If rain is in the forecast, or it arrives unexpectedly, still wet pain will slide right of the side of your house.

Surprisingly, direct sunlight can also have an adverse effect. Blistering of the paint is often seen, especially in the high temperature months.

A cloudy, but warm day, with no rain in sight is often a great way to apply paint.

Paint and Understanding Your Needs

Needs and Wants for outdoors paints are vast and changing. There are many different types of external paints.  Be aware of Consumer report that annually comes out and rates paints and what they can do.

Paints can be rated according to how well they resist cracking, dryness, color fading.  In areas of high dirt or mildew, paints can also be rated according to where you live and what needs you will have.

If you are surrounded by trees or desert, living in different parts of the country, you wouldn’t want the same paint for those two different areas.  You may end up getting the same color, but different paints.

Going Overboard

Having a unique house color is what many want and expect. But what if you stick out like a sore thumb. Maybe this is exactly what you want. But, on the other hand, choose a subtle color that you really enjoy. Don’t necessarily be too unique, but enjoy what you’ve got.

Taping and preparing.

The painting is the easy part. Often the preparation to get to that point is difficult. Mask windows, air conditioners, window wells, doors, and everything else that needs to be done.

Having a good ladder or scaffolding is vital to get to the areas of the house.  Watch out for wind spraying your paint onto adjacent fences, grass, or maybe your neighbor’s house. I am certain they wouldn’t love bright yellow with their dark brown.

Touch ups Will Be Required

Whether it’s in the first 10 days or 10 months, it is likely that touch ups will be required. Maybe the sun hit the back side of your house and you put less paint. As you look at it a few days later, another coat may be required.

Maybe you will do the walls one color and the doors, trim and other areas instead of doing the entire house. Maybe it is a gradual finishing project. Just doing some of the more basic things will ensure that your house looks better for far less.

Look at the entire project as a whole

Maybe you have brick or live in the dessert. Match existing color to what is already there.  There are even computer programs that can help match colors.

Pick a color that will do in where you live and what rocks, fence, or other colors that are already present.


Paint, especially exterior paints can be expensive and a larger number of paints can be required. Remember that to have it professionally done can cost over $4,000 and maybe much more. Find a good and well known company that does this. Even if you are just getting a quote or a professional opinion about if and what needs to be done.

Good  Luck

Perfection on the first attempt is unlikely. Work hard and you will be happy about the great changes that can happen.  It might take some luck and knowing a few good friends. But, in the least, talk with those at the store and see what their opinions may be.  There are a lot of good resources from magazines to actual professional help.

If You’re Renting, Make Sure You Have Renter’s Insurance

Nowadays, insurance is becoming an essential rather than just a good idea. This fact can be tested and tested again, but having car insurance, life insurance, home insurance… is just plainly, a great idea. But, if you don’t own your own house, do you have less of a need to get renter’s insurance. The answer is No! You don’t have less of a need at all, you really should have insurance even if you are only renting.

Some of the excuses I hear about having renter’s insurance is the cost. They feel that it is too expensive for this type of insurance. The next most common excuse is that it is unnecessary.  Both of these are valid questions, but hopefully one’s that can be easily answered.

Don’t assume that the person who is the owner of the property is the one with the insurance. They may have it, but if it is damaged, you will end up paying the price.

The price of Renter’s Insurance

This will ultimately depend on what you are insuring. A small apartment with little overall value, will be much lower than a huge house with jewelry and other items.

But remember, just like any other types of insurance, there are choices that you can make. For example, the amount of coverage and the deductible are things that you can change.

Remember, you are covering your own items in case of an emergency.  This is coverage on what you already own.  Therefore, is it too expensive to cover your own valuables?  That flat screen television, your bed, your personal items, and especially your clothes. The price of Renter’s insurance should really illustrate, “The Value of Renter’s Insurance.”

Replacement Costs or Actual Cash Value

Most policies cover either the overall replacement cost or the Actual Cash Value or ACV.  ACV policies are more expensive but worth it if you have expensive items that need to be replaced.

Remember, if you bought a television five years ago for $1,000.  If it was damaged because of something inside your apartment, you won’t get $1,000 for that television. It will be a prorated price of a television that is five years old.

Don’t forget about Liability Coverage

This is something that many renters are not aware of. This is a policy, different from renter’s insurance that protects you is someone sues you because of an accident that happened in your residence. This may not apply to everyone, but keep this in mind if you are having business or a lot of foot traffic in and out of your residence.  This probably isn’t for everyone, but keep it in mind.

Imagine throwing a smashing party where your friend jumps on a glass table, breaks it, and cuts their wrist. Or another friend trips down the stairs and breaks their leg.  These types of incidents may turn into nothing, but lawsuits have been move forward on far less.

What is your Insurance covering?

1.)    Theft of property

-          The items that are stolen will be covered under your insurance.
-          More than anything, this is a peace of mind that protects you against a hidden danger
-          Theft can lead to serious fear, financial ruin, and damage to your home or your property.

2.)    Fire Damage

-          An unexpected fire could be more damaging than a theft
-          Equally loss is your possessions and a good night sleep.

3.)    Damage of the property from an accident

-          If a person is injured on your property – Liability Coverage takes care of that
-          If property is damaged, that falls under Renter’s insurance.
-          If a car smashes through the front door, you would be covered if they didn’t have insurance.

4.)    If damaged, insurance helps cover the cost of another living arrangement

-          This could cover hotel costs
-          This could also cover moving and fuel
-          You are covered until you can go back to your home

5.)    If objects are lost while traveling, this can be covered.

-          Losing a suitcase while traveling is a horrible thing
-          Having renter’s insurance helps and covers you.
-          It could even cover an engagement ring that was lost.
-          You’ll need to have it appraised by the insurance company


There is so much value in Renter’s insurance.  Don’t be caught without  it.  For a small price per month, you can protect against a life changing disaster and still end up feeling okay about it.